La Parrilla de Mané

Updated January 2017

parrilla manu
Who doesn’t love BBQ grilled meat? This fabulous Argentinian grill restaurant has become one of my favourite stops in Málaga. But some advice – as they don’t do tapas try to go with a small group so you can share lots of delicious plates and get lots of variety.

I like everything about La Parrilla de Mané. It’s in a great location, just a stone’s throw from the Cathedral. The restaurant is small, but it also has a bar with some hight tables and stools in front of it, and also a few tables outside on the terrace. I find it comfortably cosy. And the service is wonderful, friendly but still professional. The staff know their stuff and are helpful recommending wines and new dishes to try. The only thing we didn’t enjoy were the Black Angus ribs, which arrived chewy and flavourless. But all the other meats were spectacular, and very simply done. My favourites were the grilled sausages (chistorra, criollo, morcilla) and the secreto Ibérico. All meat dishes come with a choice of fried or baked potatoes, or salad, but you can also get extra side dishes and sauces (recommended! because they are all very good). Amazing value too.

Calle Cañón 3
Tel 951 00 82 00
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8

parrilla mane (2)

parrilla mane (4)

parrilla mane quesopayoyo cheese

parrilla mane chistorraschistorras (small spicy chorizo)

parrilla mane criollochorizo criollo

parrilla mane tablagrilled sausage plate

parrilla mane foie burger (1)foie beef cheeseburger (before)

parrilla mane foie burger (2)foie beef cheeseburger (after)

parrilla mane chicken brochettechicken veggie brochette

parrilla mane saucessauces: chimichurri, alioli, mojo picón

parrilla mane angus ribsAngus beef ribs

secreto Ibérico with chips and salad

parrilla mane orujoorujos

parrilla mane (9)team Mané

parrilla mane (3)

parrilla mane (1)

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Updated January 2017

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