Bar Santos

Updated February 2017
bar santos

It’s easy to dismiss Bar Santos as just another of the many touristy bars around the Mezquita, but one look at the impressive display of massive tortillas just inside the door will tell you that you are in for something special. In spite of its location it still manages the look and feel of a little neighbourhood bar with just one table inside and standing room only at the bar.

Their trademark dish, a 30-egg tortilla de patatas, is served by the slice for 2€ and goes great with either a cold beer or a bowl of salmorejo. A typical sight at midday is people sitting along the cathedral wall with plates of tortilla. Makes a great start to a tapeo.

Magistral Gonzalez Francés, 3
Tel 957 48 89 75
€ € €

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Food 8 | Wine 7 | Service 8 | Ambiance 8

bar santos bar

bar santos corner

bar santos tortillas (1)30 eggs & 5 kilos of potatoes in each one

bar santos tortilla slice

bar santos tortilla beerslice of tortilla with beer

bar santos salmorejosalmorejo topped with chopped egg and jamón

bar santos menuthe menu

bar santos photos

bar santos tortillas (2)

bar santos founded 1966

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Updated February 2017

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