Cafe Royalty

Updated July 2017

cafe royalty (1)Over the years Cafe Royalty has become our official merienda (a kind of Spanish High Tea) stop for coffee, dessert and cocktails. The Royalty is certainly unique, describing itself as the only historically preserved grand romantic café in Andalucia, and with its ornate gilt plasterwork, painted ceilings and early 20th century furnishings it looks the part, and would not be out of place in Paris or Vienna.

The original café opened its doors in 1912 in celebration of the centenary of the Cadiz Cortes and the first Spanish constitution, and was a popular meeting place of local high society, artists and intellectuals until it closed its doors in the early 1930s. After being a warehouse and bazaar it was finally acquired by the De la Sema family in 2008, and lovingly restored to its former glory, re-opening in 2012, the centenary of the first Royalty.

The Royalty also do tapas and have a full restaurant menu, but for me it’s a spot to while away an hour or so late afternoon. Be sure to try the picatostas gaditanos, a traditional dessert made by soaking chunks of bread in milk, then deep-frying them. They are served warm with a dusting of icing sugar – delicious!

Plaza Candelaria
Tel 956 07 80 65

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Food | Wine 8 | Service 8| Ambiance 8

 cafe royalty chandelier

cafe royalty (2)

cafe royalty strudelapple strudel with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream

picatostes gaditanos – a house speciality

cafe royalty ceiling

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cafe royalty (7)

 cava “benjamín”

Irish coffees

cafe royalty (5)massive G & T

cafe royalty mirror

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Updated July 2017

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