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Updated February 2017

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El Churrasco was founded by Rafael Carrillo senior and his wife Mari in 1970 as a small mesón specialising in grilled meats with two typical “mojo”-style red and green sauces. It’s come a long way since then, expanding into two patios, a main dining room and tapas area upstairs, and a number of private lounges in different styles. The menu has expanded too, with a few tapas, and a full range of fish, seafood and vegetable dishes, though the original grilled meat and Arabic sauces are still the speciality of the house. The largest dining room is the traditional Cordobés patio on the ground floor, and there are two more dining rooms upstairs, including a patio with a fruiting lemon tree.

The bar area at the front is my favourite place for tapas, with exposed brick pillars and arches, wood beams and tile floors, and fridges displaying the day’s meat and fish selections. It’s also fun to watch the chef in action in front of the grills. Would really like to go back sometime with a small group of friends and do a full-on meat feast.

Romero 16
Tel 957 290 819
€ € € €

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Food 8 | Wine 8 | Service 7 | Ambiance 8

el churrasco atriumel churrasco barthe bar
el churrasco berenjenasfried aubergines with salmorejo and jamón

flamenquín cordobés

el churrasco chorizo grilled chorizo

el churrasco sardinasmoked sardine on toast with guacamole and tomato jam glaze

lomo de orza

el churrasco dining area

el churrasco meatMEAT

rabos de lagartija (“lizard tails” really pork strips in sauce)

el churrasco lamb chops

 lamb chops

el churrasco menu

el churrasco salsas

 las salsas

el churrasco solomillogrilled solomillo

grilled presa Ibérica

el churrasco view to kitchn view into open kitchen

el churrasco nooknook

el churrasco tapas areaupstairs tapas area

el churrasco outside

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Updated February 2017

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